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Camping on Lopez Island

When I got my work schedule for the month of July, I immediately marked out the days that would work to go camping. It turned out that there was only one 2-night stretch that would work. So we made it happen!

Jessica and Tommy picked me up from work at 5pm on Thursday. Funny thing, Jessica and I were wearing the exact same outfit. Seriously. Every part of our outfit was the SAME. I know you can picture it.

We grabbed a slice of pizza from Pizzazza and drove straight to the ferry.

Then set up our tents. (Matching, of course! Thanks, Charlotte.)


Jessica switched from her turquoise jacket to her turquoise coat so that we wouldn’t look too twinsy anymore.


Mom showed up at 7am the next morning. What a surprise!

We spent all day Friday exploring the island:

1) Spencer Spit – best for checking out the creations of others on the beach.

Spencer Spit self-portrait

pebbles in line on a log

rainbow rocks

2) Lopez Village – best for shopping for local crafts and Christmas presents.

3) Shark Reef – best for watching seals and sea lions bathing in the sun.

Shark Reef

sea lions or seals?

4) Iceberg Point – best for wishing I had gotten married there and meeting locals (shh, Iceberg Point is still secret to most visitors).

Mo and To

Mom and Sis napping

Iceberg Point

Did you know that Free Willy was filmed on Lopez in 1992?

Our camping trip was perfect. We capped it off by getting up at dawn on Saturday morning, buying our Holly B’s pastries the minute they opened, and making it on to the first ferry of the morning back to Anacortes.

Thanks Mom, Jess and Tommy!


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