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Pies in Disguise

If you are going to dress up for Halloween, why not dress up your pastries too?

Pies in Disguise

Pies in Disguise makes pie in Asheville, NC. Jessica and I saw their photos online and had to immediately go to the farmer’s market outside of Asheville in order to get a pie – nevermind that we had been eating our entire East Coast Sister Trip, or that we were going to eat dinner in less than an hour, we needed a Pie in Disguise! Unfortunately, there were no Pies in Disguise to be had that day. Fortunately, Ashley English was there!

I had to google “clip art mustaches” for this project – my favorite is the one with the little goatee.

Only a few kids ventured down the South Side of Ellis street for Trick-or-Treating, so Tommy, Jessica, and I had plenty of time to eat our Pies in Disguise!


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