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Deck the Halls

Christmas has come to Chez Lingbloom!  A Christmas tree and lights really help me get through the dark and gray days of winter.  To hang our Christmas lights (thanks, Scot) Tommy stood on the very tippy top of a 10-foot ladder and had to stretch all the way to reach the gutters.  Our one-story house is very tall.

Alex and Justin took us out to Manthey’s Tree Farm in Ferndale for our tree.

Mo and Alex

They charge $25 for any size Nordmann Fir. We have 10-foot ceilings so why not go for a 9.5-foot tree?

Tree Hug


All Decked Out

We have collected ornaments over the past few years – but they are all very tiny because our trees have all been very tiny.  I might have to make some beefier ones in the coming years; but next on my to-do list is to make a star for the top. I am thinking it will be like this.


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