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I find that I am often stuck between the desire to have cutesy things and the desire to limit my materialism.

For example, I love these plant markers:

Herb Markers

And these classics:

But instead, I usually just go with what I have on hand that can be recycled or repurposed. Last year I used take-out cutlery as my plant markers. But they did not look good. People kept asking, “Why are there forks in your garden?”

So this year I cut up a yogurt container (after it was used for leftovers a few times).

Step 1) Cut off the bottom of the container. This is the hardest part.

DIY Plant Tags 1

Step 2) Cut sides into strips. I did not measure or cut straight.

DIY Plant Tags 2

Step 3) Use your favorite Sharpie to write the plant name.

DIY Plant Tags 3

So there you have it, my solution to plant tags when I have nothing else on hand and want to  limit my cash flow and mark on the planet.

What do you use for plant markers?


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Seedling Sprouts!

When I came home from visiting my mom for two days, I was surprised by all of the little seedlings that had sprouted in my absence.



They really love being in my nice warm house. I need to replant some of the seedlings into larger pots, as their roots are already poking out of these little disks, searching for nutrients.

In a few days I will start putting the trays outside during the day to harden off the plants – letting them get accustomed to the temperature and growing stronger in the wind. When seedlings are left to grow inside too long, they become spindly and weak because they haven’t had the wind to make them strong.

Seed Tray

Seed Tray

I may have been a little early in starting some of my seeds, but as long as I keep them in a big enough container, they should do find.

Have you started any seeds yet?

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I have my seeds for the year, do you?

My Garden, May 2010

Uprising Organics and Common Threads Farm are partnering to raise funds for school gardens in Whatcom County.

They are offering their second seed sale of the season: Order by Earth Day (April 22), and pick up your seeds at the Farmers Market on April 30th.

In March, I helped the CTF gals sort all of the seed orders. I had garden envy as I was packing up seeds for folks I am sure had 5 times the garden space that I do.  And, because we are in the early stages of house shopping, I restrained myself from buying late season crops.

No matter, I did get some seeds for my little patch of soil:

  • Shiraz Beets
  • Touchstone Gold Beets
  • Bull’s Blood Beets
  • Maestro Shelling Peas

photo credit: Uprising Organics

(Call me crazy for beets – I wanted a variety of colors. Maybe you will get pickled  beets for Christmas this year!)

And for my mom’s garden:

  • Echinacea Purpurea
  • German Chamomile
  • Garden Anarchy Sunflower Mix

What about all the lettuce, chard, spinach, and carrots I plan to grow?

Last year I worked at the Food Bank Farm all summer and for each day that I went, I earned a $5 coupon to the Food Co-op.  So when the Uprising Organics seeds were on sale, I bought most of my seeds for this year. I think they should still germinate.

photo credit: Uprising Organics

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